The distracted and the dumb…

With just over two weeks to go in the U.S. Presidential election the momentum is definitely swinging toward Barack Obama.  He has sizable leads in most of the swing states and is making gains in states that were once considered safe Republican strongholds.

He has achieved this with a combination of unprecedented fundraising (most from little folks like you and me), running a disciplined, focused campaign and the force of his personality.

The other side, in stark contrast, has mostly tried to distract from the real issues such as the faltering economy with things like lipstick on pigs, tenuous terrorist allegations and Joe the Plumber.  With the Elephant men it is Rovian business as usual, though with a much, more shrill tone as they fight valiantly to keep GOP Ubermeister Karl Rove out of the crowbar hotel – a destination he is surely heading to with a Democratic victory.

This is reflected in McCain’s consistently erratic campaign which keeps throwing issues at the wall in the hope that something will stick.  The latest tactics – McCain really cares about the middle class and he opposed the past eight years of George Bush rule. 

These will surely join Sarah Palin, phony suspended campaigns and constantly changing economic positions on the scrap heap.  The fact remains that John McCain has sold his soul in his attempt to become President.  He bet the farm on Rove’s minions and their ability to distract the voter. 

Unfortunately, for him and his campaign, reality set in as the stock market tanked and Wall Street’s out of control greed finally sank the ship. 

Call this the by product of maverick capitalism.

McCain and his forces have painted themselves into a corner where they really have no control over their destiny.  Their thin hopes depend on some kind of October surprise – such as the Bush government pulling Bin Laden out of its hat, or, god forbid, another terrorist attack.  There are other darker scenarios but I won’t even go there.

So far, the October surprises have tacked in favour of Obama with Colin Powell’s endorsement and the huge $150 million the campaign earned in September.

At this point in the campaign and short of a surprise, Obama is poised for a huge win.

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