High Anxiety…

Barack Obama John McCainIt is now less than a week before Americans go to the polls to pick the next President.  The declarations, the primaries, the conventions and the campaigns are almost over.  A vast majority of the polls show Barack Obama out ahead (in some cases with a double digit lead) and many Republican stalwarts looking like they are going down in flames (like one of John McCain’s jet fighters). 

We are now in the nasty, desperate phase of the process.  The McCainiacs have nothing in the issue bag so they are desperately throwing everything they can.  After eight years of failed leadership (what else would you expect from a convicted drunk driver) it is looking very good that American are going to choose change and take their country in a different direction.

So why I am so anxious?  Why do I have this sick feeling in my belly? 

The contrast is obvious – young visionary vs. tired old sameness.  Why even Sarah Palin is showing her mavericky side and distancing herself from a looming disaster.  McCain talks about leadership and experience, however if his erratic campaign is indicative of his experienced leadership it is proof positive that he is not fit for the highest office.  

Obama on the other hand doggedly pursues the real issues – the economy, health-care and cutting the taxes for the middle class.  McCain seems to be on a new track every day jumping up and down and trying desperately to distract – he is a socialist, he pals around with terrorists, he has no experience, he’s an elitist, his middle name is Hussein – and the uncomfortable racist tack, usually left to Palin – that Obama is not like us.

John McCain, win or lose, has abandoned any principles that he once had in a blind scramble to win at any cost. 

The best case scenario for America come Tuesday would be an overwhelming landslide for one party or the other.  This would mark a sharp break from the red and blue state mentality that has dominated the country since 2000.  This would demonstrate that America is willing to move ahead on finding solutions to the issues that have divided it for the last eight years.

Any other outcome is too terrifying to contemplate.

No wonder I am anxious.

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