Circuit City R.I.P. yippee!

No longer plugged in.Just got word that electronics retailer Circuit City has filed for Chapter 11.

I would like to mourn their passing but I won’t.¬† Circuit City well deserves their “once was” status due to their¬†medieval labor practices and half assed business strategies (remember DIVX pay per view DVD players?).

I predicted this earlier this year so I am happy to say I told you so.

2 Responses to “Circuit City R.I.P. yippee!”

  1. The pay per view DVDs puzzled me.

    Fewer competitors hurt consumers, though.

  2. Peter McGarvey says:

    True, however, Chapter 11 may give them a chance to clean house and bring in visionary leadership, much like what is happening in Washington right now.

    Circuit City has a sad history of short-sighted thinking that led to such disasters as the DIVX system.

    In consumer electronics new competitors always seem to rise every few years.

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