Notice the new style…

Ah the wonders of technology…

I locked myself out of the site for a couple of weeks by eliminating a piece of code on a style sheet that I thought I had backed up but hadn’t.  The result?  My sidebar disappeared for a couple of weeks along with with Admin login.  I finally found a way in and selected this theme so that I could repair the damage.

But now I am not sure.  I kind of like this theme.

I may try it for a couple of weeks while I decide.

2 Responses to “Notice the new style…”

  1. The new design looks fine. I found a way to make changes to my blog but the Admin login would disappear. I’m reluctant to try — backup or not!

  2. Peter McGarvey says:

    I think the new design looks kind of elegant. However, it’s always a risk when you are changing stylesheets, after all we are not coders and it is easy to delete the wrong thing and lock yourself out. I am just lucky that I found a backdoor back into the site and was able to apply a new theme which restored the sidebar and seems to have left everything unharmed.

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