My Big Circus DVD has arrived…

bigcircuslc2.jpgWarner Brothers sent along a copy of The Big Circus under their new Archive banner.  With shaking hands I inserted it into my DVD player fully expecting, even though the box graphics and the label said The Big Circus, that it would be some cruel joke or another movie altogether.

But, be still my beating heart, it was the real deal, in glorious widescreen.  Sure the menu was pared down to just a “Play” option, but after all these years that is good enough.  It plays and it looks great, best of all it is a legitimate copy.

Bravo, Warner Brothers and keep the Archive titles coming.

3 Responses to “My Big Circus DVD has arrived…”

  1. Your patience and lobbying has been rewarded. I bet you’ll want other titles …

  2. Mally says:

    Great. But what about us guys in the UK

  3. Peter McGarvey says:

    Sorry Mally, but the site was accepting worldwide orders for a couple of days and then Warners made it U.S. only again. They have been deluged with complaints from people the world over. Hopefully, this is just some growing pains with the service and it will be available around the world. The only other option appears to check Ebay or to arrange for a U.S. address.

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