Silent Rider…

Today is Earth Day and to mark the occasion I am considering buying an electric scooter.  No, not the type the morbidly obese drive in the supermarket, these are traditional motor-scooters of the Vespa variety with an electric motor instead of a gas one.

The result?  I can ride back and forth to work daily on less than six cents worth of electricity.  Currently it costs me $22.50 a week to ride the subway so this will be quite a savings.

Still I am holding back a bit while trying to make a decision.  The first thing hanging me up is trying to get my head around the image of a fifty something corporate type riding a scooter.   While my inner vision of myself perched atop my scooter is that of an Easy Rider roaring down the highway, long hair trailing in the wind, the reality is me hunched over poking along at the top speed of 32 KPH, which is the maximum speed of one of these beasts.

The other hangup has been the wet and cool weather we have been having here in Toronto this spring.  Electric scooters perform well on warm sunny days and not so well all the rest of the time.

I have not made my mind up yet, so stay tuned, I will update you when I make a decision.

In the meantime…  Get your motor running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes my way…

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