Wake Up…

Robert J. Sawyer WakeWe went  down to the launch of our friend Rob Sawyer’s new book Wake.  Rob just got off the plane at noon from an 18 day book tour across the U.S. and Canada, but that didn’t slow him down as he gave a spirited reading from the book.

Rob has won most every major award in Science Fiction through the years including the coveted Hugo Award in 2003.

And apart from being a great writer Rob understands the business of writing really well, especially when it comes to the tough job of promoting the book and interacting with his fans.  Not that this appears to be a chore for Rob, he genuinely loves to meet his readers.

Last night during Lost, there were some cryptic promos for the upcoming ABC series Flashforward, which will be on the fall schedule.  Flashforward is based on Rob’s book of the same name so it really is his year.

Wake is the first book in a new triology and and is already getting terrific buzz including a starring review in Publisher’s Weekly.

So take this for what it is a shameless plug for a great book and run out to your local tome shop to pick up a copy.

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