Joe blow…

Plumbers for 'mericaI’m afraid that our old friend Joe the Plumber aka Samuel Wurzelbacher is a little past his “best before” date.  Since John McCain hailed him as “my hero” during last fall’s Presidential election Joe has managed to keep himself front and centre in the media with his regular knuckle-headed pronouncements.

His latest is that it’s okay to call gays “queer” because it’s in the dictionary.  Joe, as we all know, is a master of skewed logic and lunkhead-ism.  In the sucking black hole that currently serves as the Republican party, any dim bulb like Joe can step up and show just how out of touch with reality the party has become.

The real tragedy here is that the media laps it all up and gives Joe a pulpit for his uninformed opinions.  It seems that anyone with an Internet connection (like me) and some free software can pontificate to their heart’s content.

However, who can blame Joe?  After all he was just singled out as a cheap political device for a desperate campaign and handed his 15 minutes of fame.  When the campaign was over he tried to model himself as a populist pundit who unfortunately doesn’t trouble himself with facts or context just his own sense of misinformed, half baked logic.

Joe that ticking sound you are hearing is the final seconds of your fifteen minutes of fame.  And by the way Joe “shit” and “for” and “brains” are all in the dictionary too.

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