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Baffled By Travel New York Guide

I am just about finished writing Baffled By Travel’s New York Guide which is much cause for celebration around our house.

However, it is like birthing a baby and I tend to suffer from mild post partum depression.

To continue shamelessly milking this overused metaphor here is my first ultra sound picture of my baby – the front cover which the art department was kind enough to send along.  Right now there is also a sneak peek of some of the page layouts on their website.  Take a look.

Baffled By Travel Guide to Toronto and Niagara FallsThe publisher reports that the Toronto Guide is selling well across the country and around the world which is gratifying.

I look forward to seeing my first tourist actually clutching the guide, like it is a vital religious tome, as they navigate the mean streets of our fair city.

julian-comstock.jpgAnd remember, while you are in the bookstore picking up your copy of the guide, please slip over to the fiction section and pick up Robert Charles Wilson’s “Julian Comstock”.  It’s a great summer read.

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  1. hey, i`m looking for this book online, because my picture got published there.
    i`m talking about the NYC guide.

    the photo is “Soho map & magnifying glass”, as its said in the Credits.

    is there a way that you can send me that page somehow?

    all the best 😉

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