Glenn Beck the human wreck…

Glenn Beck, not exactly as shownFaux News commentator Glenn Beck appears to be off his meds once again.  Famous for screaming like a little girl at any caller who offends his rather skewed sense of reality, Glenn has gone completely off the deep end as of late.

To quote “Cheers” someone needs to seriously ask Glenn what color the sky is in his world.

Glenn is now convinced that President Barack Obama is a racist.  And just when those “birther” rumors were starting to die down.

Glenn is completely off the rails anyway so no one really takes his prattle seriously except maybe the “Republican base” who have been hunkered down in Dogpatch ever since the election – and Joe the Plumber, of course.

Every week there seems to be some new fantasy that the extreme right wing floats to see if it has any traction.

But I digress…  Unlike celebrity clowns, Rush Limburger and Bill O’Really, Glenn Beck is seriously mentally ill and getting worse by the second.

I tune into his show on Faux News every night so I won’t miss when his head finally explodes.

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