Look forward in anger

Rob Ford’s excellent vacationLast night, against every improbability, Toronto elected Rob Ford mayor.  It wasn’t a squeaker like many pundits and pollsters had been predicting, it was a decisive victory.

Rob Ford got along with no one, left, centre or right,  in his 10 year tenure on council.  His proposals were mostly simplistic, he seemed to have little or no grasp of the complexities of the issues.  But then, Rob Ford isn’t really a complex man.  His mantra during the campaign was “Stop the gravy train”.  Of course, when pushed to explain just what the gravy train was or how he was going to stop it, Ford was decidedly vague.

He did however know how to incite the anger of Toronto voters, who after years of increasing taxation, had come to the conclusion that city hall did not work for them anymore.  Hot button issues such as the needless garbage strike, a dysfunctional transit system and the vehicle and land transfer taxes created a climate that was perfect for Ford’s angry brand of populism.

While Ford ran a disciplined and energetic campaign, the real work begins today as the newly elected mayor as he takes the reins of the city and leads us into the future.  Or perhaps into the past.

I predict that four years from now, Toronto will again be angry, and unfortunately for Rob Ford, I suspect it will be directed at him.

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  1. Peter McGarvey says:

    Well it didn’t take the four years I predicted, it only took two until Mayor McCheese had himself turfed from office. Don’t let the door smack you on the ass on the way out your honour…

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