All Hail the Hive Mind!

I saw a fascinating new science show on PBS last night called “The 22nd Century”.  The premier episode was about the possibility of a World Wide Mind.  In other words, cybernetic implants that will allow us to connect each others’ brains.

While, on the surface, this is a somewhat frightening possibility – I’m certain that people would find the inside of my head scary – it also would change the world.  Imagine what life would be like in a world with a collective consciousness?  I would be instantly able to speak Japanese, or cook like Wolfgang Puck, or finally be able to understand algebra.

As a species we would make a quantum leap in evolution – bridge one of the gaps that Creationists are so fond of.  It would be like a when a single cell organism joined with other single cell organisms and kicked off the entire evolutionary chain. 

Think of the advantages we would have.  There would be no barriers to communication, no more lies, total emphathy, the blind would see, the deaf would hear, the dumb would speak (in every language) and foreign films would not require subtitles.

Star Trek fans would recognize the Borg in all of this – the collective, moving forward with mindless determination to dominate the universe.  But, I am still blindly optimistic and believe in the altruistic nature of human beings.  The collective sharing of a significant portion of the planet’s intellectual resources could help us overcome the environmental and sociological challenges that we are starting to face. 

It is fitting that PBS broadcast such a optimistic vision on the same day that our scientists moved the Doomsday Clock ahead by two minutes.

Anyway, take a look for yourself, the show is up on PBS’s website and you can get there by following this rabbit down its hole.

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