Sunset – a life of its own

Last week I launched the website for Sunset, Michigan, the fictional town where I set my mystery novels.  My original idea was to use it to house some of the material I had to cut from the books, and to fill in gaps in the stories.

But once I started writing it kind of took on a life of its own.  The one thing I have discovered — Sunset is a really weird place.  I grew up in small towns and understand the personalities and unique politics of them.  One thing about small towns is that the world hardly ever intrudes.  They have their own ecosystem.

Living in a city as I do now, I am overwhelmed with choice when it comes to social and cultural events.  Today, it’s the Blue Jays season opener.  Tomorrow it will be a theatre or gallery opening.  The point is that there is always too much to do in the city.

Not true in a small community like Sunset where a parade or potluck dinner might be the big event for the month.

Of course, I take things to absurd excess on the website and let my imagination rip.  What could have been a substantial task for me has become a fun work in progress.

If you haven’t visited Sunset yet you should.  It can be found at

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