About my books…

The Sunset website is starting to produce results that I hadn’t expected.  The most interesting thing is I have had people ask where they can buy DARK SUNSET and my other books.

Right now the only two books of mine that are available are the travel guides for Toronto and New York.  In the United States they are available on Amazon, in Canada they are available in Indigo Bookstores and online at their site.

Meanwhile, over at the Sunset Michigan website I keep adding new material every couple of days.  If you haven’t checked it out in the last few days take a look.

Two things I am really excited about are the book jackets for DARK SUNSET and BLOODY SUNSET.  They are really great and I thank art director extraordinaire Barry Lisbon for creating them.  You’ll find them over at the Sunset website under ‘The Books’ link.

Right now, I am 25,000 words into my new novel — the first in a new series featuring two new characters.  It’s called HAIR TRIGGER.  I describe it as a wacked-out version of Moby Dick with lots more sex and violence than Herman Mellville ever imagined and is set in Detroit’s underworld.  I am having a ball writing it.

Well, that’s it for now.  See you soon.

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