The Big Circus on DVD Project

Call this an experiment in collective communication.  Or call it a selfish desire to see one of my fond childhood memories again.

First some context, “The Big Circus” was an Irwin (Lost in Space, The Towering Inferno, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) Allen production from the very early 1950’s.  I can remember vividly seeing it in the Geneva Theatre in Orillia, Ontario on one of the hot summer nights during summer holidays. 

My parents took my brothers and I to see it and I was transfixed.  Action, mystery, lions on the loose, fires in the big top, all capped off with a final sequence tightrope walking across Niagara Falls. 

Unfortunately, The Big Circus, has never been on DVD.  It was available for a very short period in the 1980s when home video was in its infancy. 

Now, just to put this all in further context, we are not talking about great art here – the film stars Victor Mature for god’s sake.  And, I am certain that it is dated and silly as hell – but it is still a fond memory.  Maybe I can recapture some of the awe that I remember from my first viewing so long ago on that summer night.

Or maybe not.  But I am not alone.  Years ago I posted a comment on the film on the Internet Movie Database and received a number of enquiries from like minded anxious fans wondering if I had a copy of the film.

Occasionally, when a copy of the 1980’s VHS tape goes on Ebay it sells for a lot. 

So, I thought to myself, I have a blog and it might be interesting to conduct an experiment to see if we can gather enough support to get The Big Circus finally released on DVD.  The rights, as much as I can confirm, are owned by Warner Brothers as they bought the library of Allied Artists the film’s original producer.

So why don’t we form a dedicated community and let Warner Brothers know that we would like to see them release it.  In fairness I think that Warner Brothers Home Video and its Senior VP of Classic Catalogue, George Feltenstein have been among the most collaborative home video suppliers out there.  They have very effectively used a series of live online chat discussions with fans to help them to develop Warners’ catalogue of classic films, so this challenge may not be that great.

However, we don’t know until we try.  From time to time I will update this project and I welcome your comments which I will pass along to Warners.

The countdown to The Big Circus on DVD starts now…

Copyright 2007 Peter McGarvey

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