All Hail President Cheney! The Big Circus Rolls On…

As I noted in my State of the Union posting the other day, you could hardly see Cheney’s lips move when Bush was talking.  As a matter of fact I think that it’s time that the media and the American people started to recognize the obvious – that the real President of the United States since 2001 has been a Dick, Dick Cheney that is.

From this point, until the coven is finally exorcised from the White House, we should only refer to him as President Dick Cheney.  Forget the other guy; he’s just a patsy, the beard for the real darkness that has settled over Washington and the rest of the world.  Bush would then be free to go back to binge drinking and playing Gears of War, or whatever else he does during the day.

After all, Dick’s daughter didn’t wait to be outed, so why should he?  We already know who calls the shots, let’s just make it official. 

And speaking of the Big Circus…

It is now Day Three of The Big Circus on DVD countdown.  I am sad to report that there is no action on this front.  During the past couple of days I have notified the Internet Movie Database and Digital Bits websites about the campaign.  The immediate lack of response sucks, but we must soldier on.

I finally got my website up and sort of functioning so now you can see my picture(s) and read a little more about me (something I would personally find about as exciting as a Sunday Night in Timmins in February).  Remember, it takes a monster ego to begin one of these blogs in the first place so blowing my own horn comes with the territory.

Neat things I discovered this week…

Thanks to CBS’s Sunday Morning I discovered Regina Spektor a wonderful singer of sadly compelling songs.  Next time you are shopping for a CD pick one of her’s up.

I also made a trip out to the local Chinese Mall and picked up a DVD of “Gamera the Brave” the latest chapter in the saga of the rocket powered flying turtle.  I just expected silliness of a high order but was really surprised at what a great film it was.  Not high cinematic art mind you, but really skillful direction and a story with more motivation than just creating a forum for a giant monster fight (though there is plenty of that).  I watched it last night with my daughter Anna and we both agreed that it was really, really, good.  I especially liked the style of shooting using fluid camera moves to make the action much more kinetic than the usual locked off approach of most monster movies.

I also had a chance to read “Wikinomics” by Don Tappscott and Anthony D. Williams.  The book is a lively examination of the emerging collaborative economy using examples such as Wikipedia, Geek Squad, and Boeing Aircraft to illustrate the trend.  This book should be on every CEO’s bedside table right now.

Well that’s it for week four of Sparkplug, have a great weekend.

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