Faux News Exclusive and Elf Lords Rule!

I’ve decided to use a Tolkienish tone this morning. 

First up The Faux News Channel, home to Bill O’Really, Sean Hannity and the rest of the ring wraiths and keepers of the faith in President Wingnut (sorry Peter Jackson) really showed their true colors last week.  Now, Faux News never met a crisis it didn’t love – This Just In, Breaking News, a story we are following closely, a cat is stuck up a tree in Boise – anything to keep the home fires stoked and the viewer ship up.

However, calling Faux News a news organization is a misnomer, in fact it is an opinion channel, and most of the opinion has been directed at heaping scorn on liberals and praise on the Cheney Presidency.  Now, getting back to last week, Faux saw an opportunity to kill two Democratic presidential bids with one stone, picking up a story from a conservative blog, oops “magazine” Insight (always a reliable source for news) which suggested that Hillary Clinton campaign operatives were preparing to use a story about Barak Obama’s attendance at a Muslim school in Indonesia when he was six.

Insight’s original story was heavy on speculation and light on fact but that didn’t deter Faux News – which has no ability to gather news – from running with the story.  The underlying message in all this was really clear let’s cast Obama as a Manchurian Candidate under the control of Usama Bin Laden and at the same time paint Hillary Clinton as a Machiavellian, scheming bitch.

Then the real press lead by CNN and ABC news did what a real news organization should do – they sent a reporter to investigate the claim and learned the real facts.  To Obama’s credit he immediately responded to the stories and branded them for what they were – “ an attempt by the right wing to Swiftboat him like they successfully did with Kerry in 2004. 

But this goes well beyond attack politics as usual.  There is a real whiff of racism and sexism here.  I’d say “Shame on Faux News” except they have no shame and act as a media hitman for the Republican Party.

Welcome to the 2008 Presidential campaign!

Elf Lords Rule!

It was bound to happen Hobbits are about to be recognized as a real species.  I know, first it was weddings performed in Klingon and now this.  However, it is not that alarming.  Take a look at the details.
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