The Police Reunited and Small is the New Big

Eyooooo, The Police are reuniting for an appearance on the Grammys and a possible full out tour this summer.

This is a reunion that I have been waiting for since 1983 when we attended the final Police Picnic here in Toronto.  By the way the opening acts that day included The Fixx, King Sunny Ade, Peter Tosh and James Brown.  This was at the height of their popularity with the Synchronicity album and tour conquering the world that summer.  It was a magical night at the long gone CNE Stadium and, unfortunately, marked the last appearance of The Police in Toronto.

(For the record, I also attended the 1982 Police Picnic at CNE Stadium which featured A Flock of Seagulls, The English Beat and Talking Heads.  For those of you who have an unhealthy interest in this rock ephemera there was also a 1981 Police Picnic in Oakville that featured Oingo Boingo, The Payolas, The Go-Gos, The Specials and Iggy Pop.)

Toronto has always been good to The Police and to Sting and I am certain if there is a tour there will be a 2007 Police Picnic as well – god, I love the sound of that.  And who said you can’t recapture the past?  Now, if David Byrne and Talking Heads would just resolve their issues it could be 1983 all over again.

Anyway, enough of this nostalgia.

If you are at all interested in intriguing and radical new ideas in marketing please visit Seth Godin’s site (which is conveniently located in the Blogs I Regularly Visit section on the right hand column).  I am currently reading his latest book, “Small is the New Big” which is a collection of his ideas and blog entries from the past few years.  This is the kind of book that keeps me up at night shaking my head in agreement.  Seth uses humor and style to punch holes in conventional marketing wisdom.  Here is the title essay from the book to give you a taste.  This should be required reading for every graduate of the NoBS Business School.

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