Happy Monday

Sorry, I am a little late today, had lunch with my friend Promod Sharma and didn’t get back to the house until mid afternoon.  I have added a link on the right to Promod’s Blog Spark Insight which is really good, please check it out.

Anyway, I have to keep this short I have a busy week this week, but I did want to get in a kick at the Toronto Star for “improving” their television guide on the weekend.  I don’t mind change, in fact I welcome it, but, unfortunately, in this case they took a handy tool and made it useless. 

I don’t watch a huge amount of television but when I do I like to be an informed viewer.  That means doing some basic research and reading the detailed listings to see what’s on.  We used to be able to go to TV Guide to get vital information, but it has shuffled off to an electronic version and hasn’t been heard from since.

The Toronto Star decided that it didn’t need to present all the pesky details of the evening’s programming, like what the show is about or if it is a rerun.  Starting with this week’s issue the Starweek television guide is nothing but grids which only list what show is on and no other details.  Their reason is obvious and has nothing to do with reader preference but rather with costs, and how best to reduce them.  Now, a single employee can assemble grids – down there in the grid dungeon – instead of having a team of writers actually writing descriptions of the programs. 

Now, I imagine the next announcement from the Star will be a price increase to reflect their new and improved look.

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  1. Hi Pete. I enjoyed the Chinese food we had for lunch. Although I ate heartily, I was hungry at 4:22pm — the exact minute you posted your article. Coincidence? Unfortunately, I didn’t eat until after 7pm and I’m hungry again 3.5 hours later.

    Thanks for sharing link to my blog promod.blogspot.com. I can’t let you have *all* the fun communicating to the world at large. Thanks also for suggesting Seth Godin (at sethgodin.com). You’ve got to love a site where you reach the blog by clicking on the author’s head :)

  2. Peter McGarvey says:

    Promod, I wish more people would take a look at Seth Godin’s blog, especially anyone with a passion for marketing. Seth seems to pull great ideas literally out of the air.

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