The Big Circus DVD Project Update

I started the Big Circus DVD project a couple of weeks ago and already when you search “The Big Circus DVD” on either Google or Yahoo I pop up near the top. Still no word on when the film will appear, however.

I can’t believe that there aren’t more Victor Mature junkies out there – come on folks the Mature cannon is not complete, we have seen My Darling Clementine and Kiss of Death added to DVD over the past couple of years, so why not The Big Circus.

I am also surprised that Peter Lorre and Vincent Price completists have also not risen up and stormed the paraphets.

I know that I am but a lonely voice in the wilderness but I am sure that there are others of you out there who would love to see this bigtop classic in full glorious widescreen on DVD.

Let your voice be heard…

4 Responses to “The Big Circus DVD Project Update”

  1. dennis sargent says:

    this film should be released-
    great cast
    how can i help in the cause?

  2. Peter McGarvey says:

    Dennis, it’s nice to see that there are like minded people out there. Please help the cause by promoting the campaign in any way you can. A great way to start is by contacting Warner Home Video (Classics Division) to request that it be released.

  3. Alan Sarvas says:

    Add my name to the “thumbs up” list for having “The Big Circus” on DVD.

  4. Behli Hansotia says:


    Thank you- same results here! I saw recently Greatest Show on Earth & realized what I was missing from childhood memories. I wish Warner would put it out.

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