Spotting digital deception, printing with the environment in mind and a convenient presention

The Environmental Printing Awards

We were honoured to be invited to the Environmental Printing Awards on Wednesday night.  It was a really classy event and highlighted the great work that the printing industry is doing to lessen its impact on the environment.  I will talk in more detail about some the specific things that we, as communicators, should be aware of when we are contracting for print services.  As former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney pointed out we should not be depending on government to solve the problem that the solution rests with each of us. 

Thanks again to Sara Young and all the gang at PrintAction magazine for putting together such a great event.

An Inconvient Truth makes a convenient lesson for presentation…

Last year at this time if you had told me that a slide show about climate change would be a serious contender for an Academy Award I would have laughed.  As I have mentioned in previous postings we are all suffering a slow death by PowerPoint and then Al Gore comes along and completely shatters that notion by creating a compelling and convincing presentation that holds us rapt for an hour and a half.  Doug Mollenhauer examines Gore’s effectiveness in fusing new presentation technology with classic presentation method in his article this morning in the Globe and Mail – “A convenient lesson for presenters“.

Crafting an effective presentation according to Gore:

1. a clear description of the essential problem;

2. the evidence and implications of the problem;

3. the causes of the problem;

4. an addressing of the counter-arguments (what he calls “misperceptions”);

5. the solution, with specific action steps.

A Digital Polygraph?

This month’s issue of Popular Science has an intriguing piece about research into developing software that can detect lies in online communications.  The possibility of this has to strike terror into the hearts of every online sexual predator, scammer and advertiser.  Could this be the beginning of a movement toward digital truth in advertising? 

Jeff Hancock an assistant professor of Communications at Cornell University has done fascinating work in this field.

2 Responses to “Spotting digital deception, printing with the environment in mind and a convenient presention”

  1. Wesley Cox says:

    I’ve not seen the film; have little perception about environmental hazards in the printing biz, except its effects on the lungs of printers but Al Gore is somewhat chameleon if you compare his attitudes NOW with THEN, as V-P.
    One example I cite to everyone. The constant bitch concerns auto emissions when in fact, today’s cars no longer EMIT. The COAL INDUSTRY and OIL LOBBIES however have successfully stopped the building of NUCLEAR PLANTS for electrical generation wih ZERO HAZARD. We continue huilding coal and fossil-fuel generators and these are the most potent abusers of the air we breathe. At least 500 tons of hazardous emisions and particulates pollute the air daily world-wide (a guess by science). There’s enough radioactivity in the slag and cinder pits at generating stations to make l.e.d lights out of every being on the planet. The payoffs to politicians must be incalculable. And HYDRO in Ontario might damwell change its name from what I understand. I wonder if your communications compulsions can ever overcome the basic greeds and stupids of poiticians and their brain-dead influences WHILE THEY ARE IN POWER, not in their periods of unemployment – I know, a little means a lot. So let’s give Gore an Oscar and tell him to keep pissing into the wind. OR – stated another way – HIS SHIP HAS SAILED!

     Wes Cox

  2. Peter McGarvey says:

    My understanding is that Al Gore has held these strong beliefs since University. I am not certain what you mean by the cars today not creating emissions. They have been somewhat reduced but the sad fact is that too many people are driving big vehicles such as SUVs which are rapidly consuming our dwindling supply of carbon based fuel. As for Ontario Hydro, I expect that the Ontario government will announce in the next few weeks their intention to close down our coal fired generators within the decade. I think Mulroney’s sage advice the other night was dead on, we cannot depend on politicians and government to solve our environmental problems we each have to get involved.

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