My Annual Oscar Predictions (2007)

Well, it’s time once again for Peter’s Picks for the Academy Awards.  I was pretty lucky last year and most of my main choices won (inlcuding “Crash” for Best Picture). 

First up Best Actor… 

Hands down to Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland.  I am expecting big things when he makes his acceptance speech tomorrow night, especially after his acceptance speech performance at the Golden Globes when he appeared to be suffering a stroke.  Possible upset?  Leonardo DiCaprio for Blood Diamond.  Long shot?  Peter O’Toole for a long and distinquished career.

Best Actress…

Again hands down Helen Mirren for The Queen.  And it will be well deserved after she showed us that our Queen is a real flesh and blood person.  Possible upset?  Not a chance!

Best Supporting Actress…

Leading contender – Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls.  My pick Abigail Breslin for Little Miss Sunshine,  she really did live up to the film’s title and proved one of the few bright spots in an otherwise pedestrian comedy.

Best Supporting Actor…

Anyone but Eddie Murphy it would only encourage him.  My pick – Alan Arkin for his profane and touching performance as the junky grandfather in Little Miss Sunshine. 

Best Director…

I guess it will have to be Martin Scorcese for The Departed.  Not one of his best films but the Academy has been guilted into believing that one of the greatest living directors finally deserves his statue.  Too bad they didn’t feel that way when he was nominated for Goodfellas which truly was a great film.  Possible upset?  Stephen Frears for The Queen.

Best Foreign Film…

El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) Guillermo del Toro’s brilliant, brutal fairytale set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.  Possible Upset?  Not likely, though if it has to be make it Water.

Best Documentary 

An Inconvenient Truth for finally making people pay attention to the threat of global climate change.  Possible Upset?  Jesus Camp.

Finally Best Picture…

El Laberinto del Fauno? No wait, it wasn’t nominated.  Blood Diamond?  Nope, not nominated.  Children of Men?  Oops, also not nominated.  United 93?  Again not nominated…  Dreamgirls?  Also not nominated (for once justice is served).  My pick of a mediocre lot -Letters From Iwo Jima.  What will win? Babel probably.  Possible upset?  Little Miss Sunshine.

So there you have it, my picks for Oscar 2007.  Check back on Monday morning to see how I did.

Recapping my picks

Best Actor – Forest Whitaker

Best Actress – Helen Mirren

Best Supporting Actress – Abigail Breslin

Best Supporting Actor – Alan Arkin

Best Documentary Feature – An Inconvenient Truth

Best Director – Martin Scorcese

Best Foreign Film – Pan’s Labyrinth

Best Picture – Letters From Iwo Jima 

3 Responses to “My Annual Oscar Predictions (2007)”

  1. Peter McGarvey says:

    5 out of 8… Well not bad but not stellar either. I missed on some important ones including best picture which turned out to be The Departed (though I am not sure why) and best foreign film The Lives of Others which beat Pan’s Labyrinth. The other miss was no surprise when Jennifer Hudson won best supporting actress for Dreamgirls. Well at least Eddie Murphy didn’t win… Of course the show went on way too long but host Ellen DeGeneres kept things lively and light.

    A so so Oscars in an off year. Still I am looking ahead at big things for the 80th next year.

  2. Lesley says:

    Best song ??? Did yo think thta old dreary thing could possibly win? I disagree about Eddie Murphy. Having seen Dreamgirls I think he should have won and it may have encouraged him to make better movies.

    Interested in your quest for the perfect cover letter. I had a fun writing piece this week – a plaque. Maybe that should be your template.

  3. Peter McGarvey says:

    Lesley, you didn’t see “Norbert” (and anyone with good taste hasn’t) Eddie has fallen back on his old ways. When he starts to move his career in a more serious direction perhaps he will get another crack at an Oscar.

    Writing a plaque is like writing a billboard – one of the most challenging pieces of creative writing you can do. It is easy to write a lot it is much more difficult to write a little.

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