More about cover letters and The Big Circus…

How much does a good cover letter mean?  Having read hundreds of them on the hiring side of the desk I think they are the most important part of the package.

If you have had good, progressive experience and can summerize it effectively in your resume then that shows that you have the requisite skills, experience and expertise.  Unfortunately, so I am beginning to believe, do the hundreds of other resumes that the hiring manager is reading at the same time.

Your cover letter has to be more than just a reguritation of your resume.  As I explore the whole topic more thoroughly I realize that a great cover letter has to make a great case for hiring.  Passive cover letters, like the ones I have been authoring, are not going to help me stay on the desk and in front of the hiring manager.

But, I am learning a lot through this reflective exercise and as I work my way toward crafting the perfect cover letter I will share the process with all of you…

More on the Big Circus Project…

Warner Home Video which I think owns the rights to The Big Circus, as part of their Allied Artists library, is still one of the most responsive and film fan friendly companies in the home video market.  For any fan of classic films will be interested in their live chat from last Monday night.  They outlined the films that they are planning to bring us on DVD this year.  Unfortunately, The Big Circus was not mentioned.

I missed this live chat or I would have asked the question however, I will try to source contact information for the executives at Warner and post it for all Big Circus buffs.  In the meantime, please contact Digital Bits and Home Theatre Forum and ask the question as well.

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