The zen of cover letters

As I talked about in previous postings cover letters are one form of creative writing that I just haven’t mastered yet.  However, the more I research the topic the more excited I become.

The zen of the cover letter appears to be self promotion.  If you can reveal that elusive inner self to the reader (and prospective employer) then you will have success.  However, the focus cannot appear to be on you, but rather on the job and the employer. 

While this may sound like it is contradictory it is not.  Hiring managers are looking for candidates who appear to understand the job that they are applying for.  Now, this may sound odd but you would not believe how many resumes I received from administrators, mailroom employees and even roofers looking for work in communications.

Who knows some of them might have even had the requisite skills, but they didn’t draw a connection for me from nailing shingles to writing marketing copy. They failed, as I have, by not selling themselves.

Now, I am starting to think of myself as a brand – Peter McGarvey Cola.  What can Peter McGarvey Cola offer you?  This is leading me toward a revelation, I can see it up ahead on the road.  But, I haven’t quite reached it yet…

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