Lord Black prosecutor “out of control” and The Host trailer

Sorry, I haven’t been posting as much as usual.  I’ve been busy this week writing a workshop on presentations.  In some of my past postings I have had a lot to say about presentations and PowerPoint.  Now, I get to put my mouth where the money is. 

However, I haven’t completely forgotten the cover letter project and I am working hard to create the perfect cover letter.  It is elusive, but I feel that I am getting closer.  I’ll know when I am there when I actually look forward to writing a cover letter.

In terms of structure I am leaning toward a three paragraph model.  The first paragraph would be the housekeeping stuff – who I am, why I am writing and how I learned about the job in question.  The middle paragraph is the challenge, this is where the sell comes in.  This is where I need to bring Peter McGarvey Cola to market and then tie it in with the employer’s need.

The closing paragraph ties it all together with a referral to my resume and my desire to work for this employer.  Paragraphs 1 and 3 are fairly simple to construct, so I have narrowed my efforts down to paragraph 2 and that is where I am focusing now.

Next week Lard Black goes on trial in Chicago.  The issue of Frank Magazine hitting the stands this week reveals the prank they played on Conrad Black when they set up a fake support group for his defence fund.  Not surprisingly, The National Post which had written gushing articles about the support group ignored the fact that they had been taken in.  They did, however, have an interesting editorial in Wednesday’s issue condeming “out of control prosecutors” in reference to the Scooter Libby conviction.  Of course, they were referring to successful Libby prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald who coincidently is also prosecuting Lard Black. 

And in another remarkable coincidence, Lard Black owned the National Post until a few years ago…

Well, that’s it for this week.  This weekend I hope to see the hot new Korean monster movie “The Host” which is due to open on screens across the country in a few weeks.  The film has done blockbuster business in Korea and is already slated for an American remake.  Check out the trailer to see what all the excitment is about…

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