More cellphone madness and The Host…

I was talking yesterday about the freedom we all now enjoy to carry our cellphone numbers from provider to provider.

I mentioned, as well, the system access fee that they all charge.  According to Rogers a system access fee is “charged to help cover the costs associated with the ongoing operation, maintenance and upgrading of the wireless network“.  In other words this is to cover their capital and on going costs.  So why isn’t it included in the basic cost of the plan?

Using their logic let’s see how it would work in, say, the supermarket.  Each item is individually priced on the shelf.  When you get to the checkout and your items are totalled, you will now notice a $4.95 fee for on going upkeep and maintenance of the store.  That’s fair isn’t it?

I could go on beating this dead horse, but what’s the use.  The fact is that the monthly access fee is just extra billing on top of the already high price of cellphone usage.

The Host with the most…

Anna and I watched the new Korean horror sensation “The Host” last night.  This is a state of the art monster movie.  Scary, funny and insightful it comments on everything from polution, home security, family, Korean politics and, oh yeah, giant man eating monsters.  Forget the usual Asian man in a suit type monster, the beast in The Host is created by the folks at Weta who did Lord of the Rings and the recent King Kong remake. 

If you are fond of the monster loose in the streets, causing mayhem and eating everyone in sight gendre of film this one’s right up your alley.  It is opening here in the theatres in a couple of weeks and we both plan to see it again on the big screen.

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