It’s Coming!

I have never made a secret out of the fact that one of my guilty pleasures are horror films.  I prefer the classic black and white creature features from Universal or the colour ones from England’s Hammer Films.  I am not so fond of the “hack and slash” or horror porn films that feature graphic depictions of torture and dismemberment.

At the end of next week here in Toronto (and for the first time outside of the United States) the World Horror Convention is coming to town.  This, of course, is nirvana for any horror fan.  The focus of the event will be on the literary aspects of horror but there will be lots for any media fan as well.

I am especially excited that my friend (and Sparkplug reader) Don Hutchison is one of the guests of honour at the event.  I could fill pages with Don’s many achievements as a writer, editor and filmmaker and I am really pleased to see him honoured by his peers in the field. 

Other guests for the weekend include writer Joe Lansdale and cartoonist Gahan Wilson.  I understand that there are still some passes available and for information go to the World Horror Convention Website.

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